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Subject If you want to be thin and stay thin (and avoid Metabolic Syndrome), then you have to eat high fat
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Original Message It's a long time since I have posted a serious new thread on here, but this needs to be done as more and more people are falling for the spurious health advice of our Masters. Their advice is driving the obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Alzheimers and heart disease epidemics!

When considering how you eat and the advice you take from 'experts' remember that diabetic patients are worth $500 a month to Big Pharma, so its not surprising that this is rising. It has been rising exponentially since the 'low-fat' mantra was adopted and sold!

I am 5 foot 9 and used to weigh 235 pounds and lost 85 pounds by turning all the conventional health advice on its head! I was starting to develop full blown diabetes and was getting the side effects like arthritis, psoraiasis, painful tingling toes and fingers, etc. All these conditions have almost fully reversed on my new way of eating.

The fact is EVERYTHING you have ever been told about diet is totally wrong .... like totally!

OK, here is an email I sent to someone else on the subject and has a lot of links. It is done from the perspective of various people suffering from related Metabolic Syndrome conditions - gaining weight, diabetes,blood pressure, high cholesterol, Alzheimers, etc.

The simple ratio is this for the Kwasniewksi Optimal Diet, which is the one that my wife and I pretty much follow:

3 - 3.5 g fat to 1g protein to 1/2 or 1/4 gram (depending on glucose tolerance levels) carbs

The protein and carbs are the most important since they are the only two that can lead to weight gain. To calculate your correct protein amount

for losing weight - do this equation:

What is your ideal weight in kilo's? Mine was 70 kg.

That equates to 1g of protein per kilo of body weight i.e. 70 grams per day.

To lose weight carbs should be 20 grams or under.

So basically this equates to

210 - 245 gm of fat - 70 gm of protein - 20 gm of carbs = about

2250-2610 calories

I have found that the calories and fats don't matter at all - all that matters is protein and carbs.

Sounds complicated - but its not - stick to green vegetables, count the protein portions but pretty much the fat is eat as much as fills you up so you don't feel hungry.
If you weight 90 kilos and eat 70gm's of protein - you create a deficit and in the absence of carbs your weight will drop pretty fast until the two come into balance.


You may want to start off by first getting used to restricting the carbs and eating as much meat, cheese, etc as you want. You will still lose weight, though not as fast as when you kick into full mode.

If you get a stall, try reducing the protein by 10-20 gm and increase the fat by about the same amount for a couple of days. Yes, you increase your calories by doing this by about 140 a day and your weight drops, a real paradox.

Exercise increases the rate of weight loss, but is not really required to lose weight. It does help bring your resting pulse rate down though and makes you feel fitter and builds muscle which is good. It also means that you can get away with more protein that is used to build muscle fibre rather than make glucose.

If you feel hungry - then eat. This is important. And try not eat late at night. Ideally eat meal at 6-7pm but best to eat not later than 8:30.

Getting a good 7-8 hours sleep and having the occasional long lie-in speeds up weight loss. Yes, SLEEP!! And lie-ins speed the weight loss. Far more effective than any exercise.

Good sources of fat:

Macadamia Nuts (you can get big boxes of Mauna Loa - the BEST - at Costco) These are our staple snack. They are so yummie!
Cream Cheese
Cream + Cream Sauces (loads of recipe's out there)
Almonds (though watch the protein) ground good for thickening sauces
Clotted Cream
Pate (though watch the carb content on some or better make your own)
Chicken Wings
Pork crackling
Rib-Eye-Steak (nicely marbled with fat and a cream mustard sauce mmmmm!)
Streaky bacon (watch the nitrates though, they slow weight loss and make your joints ache)
Butter (great on all vegetables - yum)
Fatty Fish - mackerel, salmon, etc
Coconut Oil (one of the best for frying)
Olive Oil (pour copiously over all salads)
Groundnut Oil (great for home made mayo)

Things you can pretty much eat
finish it below
[link to forum.lowcarber.org]
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