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Subject Joe Brants CA doom dream in '37 mentioned the sulpher smell people are now talking about ...
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Original Message I have been having EARTHQUAKE dreams almost every night now...

and when I woke up this morning I was thinking
this --> ( put this on another thread but now wanting to address this dream from 37 ) .

Ok so ...

Joe Brants dream of California going down in 1937 .... he smelled that smell that people are starting to smell here in CA..
maybe the time of his dream is getting CLOSE ...
( that guy in the dream saw the Hollywood stars on the sidewalks in this dream they were not put there until the late 60s early 50s I believe which leads me to believe he was telling the truth he saw the future )

[link to life-tabernacle.net]

going back to that last moment on the Blvd. ( Hollywood)
There was a funny smell. I don't like it. A smell like sulphur, sulphuric acid, a smell like death. For a minute, I
thought I was back in chem. (chemistry).
When I looked around for the girl, she was gone. I wanted to find her
for some reason. It was if I knew something was going to happen and I could stay with her, help her. She was
gone, and I walked half a block, then saw the clock again. My eyes seemed glued on that clock. I couldn’t move.
I just waited. It was FIVE MINUTES TO FOUR O'CLOCK ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON. I thought I would
stand there looking at that clock forever waiting for the something to come.

Then, when it came. How it came. Like nothing in God's world. Like nothing. It was the scream of a siren, long
and low, or the scream of a woman I heard having a baby when I was a kid. It was awful. It was as if
something- some monster- was PUSHING UP THE SIDEWALKS. You felt it long before you saw it, as if the
sidewalks wouldn't hold anymore. I looked out at the cars. They were honking but not scared. They just kept
moving. They didn't seem to know yet that anything was happening....

( had part of it up but ok someone pointed out copyright so I cut it short if you have not seen it...a must read )


read the entire dream at above link ...
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