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Subject This dream is for you… Open your eyes!
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Original Message Hello GLP, this is a cousin thread to the inter-dimensional soul thread; you don’t need to read it tho, but just adding it here:
Thread: We exist in more then one place at the same time! A theory.

Have you ever had a dream in which you are doing something ridiculous? Sure we all have. We have dreamed of ourselves, for example, without pants in the classroom, and all the boys and girls, even the teacher, are laughing at us! Silly things like that.

We tell it to our friends: “How silly my dreams are! I was there half naked and everyone laughed at me, so embarrassing! Hehe”. Indeed it is funny, I am sure all agree.

Some are a little bit deeper in their thoughts at times, and maybe following their gut instinct, they try to figure out what their dream meant. “Maybe this dream means I should keep on being open towards others in my life! It is my higher self-encouraging me”.

What we do not do is this: “Oh my god, I am so embarrassed of my dream… I was there half-naked, how will I live with myself now?”

Of course not! That just seems weird does it not? It’s like this you who is awake now, this you knows it was just a dream. So since you are awake now the pain you felt in your dream is not validated.

Thus, from this point of view, you have a certain… understanding. With it, you know that the pain you felt there is not to be taken literally, even however in your dream you acknowledge you felt true embarrassment.

Because you are awake now, you know that the dream you had is not really about the pain or the embarassment, altough it involves that, but rather it is a symbolic message to you!

But now let’s take a look at our own lives every day. Some of us go through a lot of hard, weird things that just do not make sense. They are inexplicable! Even to yourself.

Some may study very hard and fall asleep on the day of their exam, which is awkward! A whole year lost. It has happened.

There are those who are wonderful people, angels, but somehow are pulled into a fight: Let’s say to protect someone, and unjustly end up in jail. It has happened.

There are some who are health freaks, exercise, eat well, and they somehow, out of the blue, end up having hard diseases! Genetic, you name it. It has happened.

Bobby Fischer, the world chess champion, an awesome person, was arrested for simply playing chess. Now my friends, how silly is that?

Yes the pain is real, true, so very very true. However I point out that the pain is also real to the one who is dreaming, oblivious to the fact he is asleep.

So don’t you see? Don’t you get it? We are all in a dream now. And we don’t know even know it. But, as some of you are aware of, we all have a Soul… Each and every one of us. An astral self, who is the god inside of you. This self has wisdom beyond your wildest imagination. As I heard, the the divine essence is inside of you!

And the astral part of you is awake somewhere. Right now in our lives, many of us are in a classroom with no pants and everyone is laughing at us.

But somewhere, somehow, amazingly a part of you is alive and is watching things, all that happens, from a higher point of view. It is awake while we are now sleeping. We can feel it’s presence if we stop for a second and look carefully. That little presence knows you well, and it is laughing and feeling very proud at the same time… Because it knows that you are very brave to have put yourself through these situations just for the chance to grow spiritually.

The higher self has an excellent sense of humor and knows the part of you that is now reading this post like you can’t imagine. The higher self, it can pull your strings like no one else can.

And like you now know that dreams are symbolic events, not to be taken literally, then so does your higher self know that what happens here, right now, is also a symbolic event! That is the trick. So be wise, and take all that happens to you as a lesson. Somewhere a part of you knows it is all for the best. And that all that happens is for a great reason, no matter how silly it sounds, no matter how hard it is. You are being taught. For that higher part of you, it is very obvious that you should not take your hardships literally! Don’t take them literally. It's within you to do this because you are true and persevering. Remember what your higher self knows and try to make it come into this reality.

This dream is for you… so open your real eyes and see it for what it really is! :D

Have a great day all who read this!
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