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Subject Kung Fu
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Original Message Rules among the Whites

1. White Men
White Women
Black Men
Black Women

The black women are on the bottom of the totum pole. They are almost not human to the white men.

2. White men may marry whatever race they find sexy.
White women better marry white men if they know what is good for them.

3. White men believe that it is okay to destroy a woman psychologically and maybe it's okay to rape your wife if she refuses to have sex with you.

It is not okay to beat your wife, however. So long as you don't leave a physical mark on the women or on the children, you are allowed to do and say whatever you want.

These are the rules as taught to me by my Father and my husband and his father.

One day, it was a Sunday afternoon. I was a little girl, about 7 or 8 years old. I hated Sundays because there was church in the morning, which sucked and then mom was upset because she had to cook dinner on a day that she had so much extra work to do. She always went and laid down to take a nap.

That left me at loose ends. I never wanted to take a nap. So, I sat down on my part of the floor in the living room of the trailer. It was difficult because dad was home and he had control of the remote. He always watched such stupid stuff. Well, this Sunday, he had a Chinese Kung Fu movie on-which of course, I thought was strange because he was so racist, but apparently he had some respect for the Chinese.

So, I went down into the television, which was allowed. There were men fighting and doing the best gymnastics. I loved gymnastics. Dad wouldn't let me take gymnastic lessons because he wouldn't pay for them. We did what gymnastics we could do in the yard, but I wasn't very good.

There were good guys and really bad guys. It was strange. They were fighting and doing gymnastics. That was okay, I guess. Then, lo and behold, there was a girl! A beautiful long black-haired girl doing gymnastics and fighting with too. Oh, how my heart soared. I could do Kung Fu fighting too. Here was something to aspire too. Something I could participate in. Wow!

I watched for a while and my father in his evil prescient way knew exactly what I was thinking. He said, BunBun, you know that women can Kung Fu fight, but that the men will find it an affront. They might let a girl fight, but they will always make sure that they kill her.

I said, "Surely not the good guys."

He said, "Even the good guys."

So I continued watching the Kung Fu movie and there was the woman destroyed and dying.

So, BunBun can't do gymnastics and BunBun can't do Kung Fu. But, at 42 years old, BunBun does Kung Fu with the men. I know that they will try to destroy me. I have no doubt. When I was a girl, I wanted a boy to be friends with me. Then, I wanted a grown man to be friends with me. To be my mentor and my teacher. To care about me and to protect me from my father. I invented adult men who would follow me around. They didn't protect me in any way, but they would speak to me and reassure me that they saw it. They were witnesses. Of course, it was me doing it the whole time, but I got split off that way.

The men always try to destroy me.

But, do you know what I am going to do. I am going to let them think what they want to think. Then, we are going to bury them. One after another. Sooner or later, I will get cancer or heart disease. I might get diabetes or I might get something else that will destroy my body. I will be headed down to the grave. I think I will help it happen as much as possible. We are all going to die. Just like my father died.

We are all going down to the grave. I just have to wait and all the men who have hurt me will be dead. I just have to stay to myself, as I have always done. I will talk to God. I have been doing that for many years. But, eventually, they will all be dead.

New twisted men will take their place. Men indoctrinated from childhood in the ways of men. I don't fool myself that in the future there will be a generation that will do differently. They won't. They will do just like their fathers. Then, other BunBun little girls will start their watch. They will do Kung Fu and they will bury the men. One after another. They will watch them destroy their marriages and destory one woman after another, but eventually, they will all go down into the grave.

Kung Fu for women takes a long time. We have to be patient as the water that flows over the rocks in the brook, but that smoothes the rocks out. It's not an enviable position. That is probably why the men are afraid of the condition in which women find themselves. Horrified that it might somehow be transmuted to themselves, even while they might be trying to sublimate some other men.

But, the madness of planet earth is being written down. It is being witnessed. It is being documented.

The rules of the white men. There are more of them. I only covered a few.
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