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Subject The 10/04/2016 REVENGERS VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE Thread and Drinking Game - Watch Live!
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Original Message Tonight, the future Vice President of The United States of America and a closeted compulsively clapping commie clown meet onstage.

A worthy Number Two is essential.

Batman and Robin. The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Superman and Jimmy Olsen. SpongeBob and Patrick. Bam Margera and Rehab.

These are the combos that come immediately to mind when considering heroes and their sidekicks, seconds, backup, wingmen.

Worthy Number Twos.

Others are not so worthy... they're members of the castrati, a gelding, a eunuch, a denut, a noball, an unman...


One & 1/2 men enter.

One man leaves.


Imagine if you will, you're a fly on the wall in the office of a certain effeminate Senator from Virginia.

And on a day that began as any other in the sanctum of this undistinguished politico, as this Senator is busily minding his own business and arranging his Barbie collection, the door bursts inward, rebounding off of the wall and slamming shut again.

The Senator's head jerks up with a start...the semi-nude leather clad Ken doll falls from his hands and clatters across the floor... it's miniature falsies pop free from its tiny bustier and bounce away as a roar of rage issues forth from the other side of the closed door.

The door opens again and in lurches a nightmare... Chairman Mao in a wig... a demon in a slipcover... Satan in a pantsuit.

It shuffles across the floor... eyes rolling wildly and independently east and west... hacking coughs and menacing, guttural sounds rumbling in its ancient throat.

And as a darkening stain spreads across the crotch of this shivering statesman, it opens its maw, its impossibly perforated tongue emerges and moistens its lips and it speaks a single word as the Senator loses consciousness and slumps to the floor.


Simultaneously, in another part of the city, hair stands up on the neck of a Worthy Number Two.

Now on alert he stands... eyes narrow and sinew creaks as he draws his bow in readiness...


TRUMP 2016!

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence Prepare for Vice-Presidential Proxy Fight


Exactly a week before Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana hunkered down with a small coterie of aides for his first full day of intensive debate preparation.

His team reserved rooms on the second floor of the Sheraton hotel in Madison, Wis., and Scott Walker — the state’s mild-mannered, affable governor — arrived to play Mr. Pence’s rival, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, in mock debate sessions.

Soon after, the actual Mr. Kaine left the campaign trail himself to huddle with advisers near Raleigh, N.C., for his own debate prep. A nearby bluegrass festival offered what seemed like a tempting distraction for the harmonica-playing senator, but Mr. Kaine stayed out of sight.

Last week hardly marked the first time the two men had devoted considerable time and attention to Tuesday’s debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Va. For both Mr. Kaine and Mr. Pence, the vice-presidential debate, moderated by CBS News’s Elaine Quijano, will be their lone one-on-one face-off this election, and is the most high-profile and highly anticipated moment of their political careers so far.

The debate can shed light on whether the No. 2 candidates are up to the job of being No. 1. But beyond showing their own mettle, the vice-presidential candidates also have the task of defending their running mates — an especially critical job this time around with such an intense focus on the top of the ticket.

“Don’t screw up — that’s the goal of a V.P. debate,” said Brett O’Donnell, a Republican communications specialist who advised prominent Republican nominees — including President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain and Gov. Mitt Romney — on debate preparation. “The big thing is to defend the top of the ticket and then go on the offensive as much as possible against your opponent — the top of the ticket on the other side...”

[link to www.nytimes.com]

The Vice Presidential Debate airs live from 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (CT)

[link to www.cnn.com]

[link to www.msnbc.com]

[link to abc.go.com]

[link to www.nbc.com]

[link to www.cbs.com]

[link to www.c-span.org]

[link to www.hulkusc.com]

[link to fncd.net (secure)]





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