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Subject Why I went to Russia in August 2017 and what happened during my visit.
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Original Message Here is the story of my Russia visit. It's already spreading on the web so feel free to share it with whomever you feel might be interested.

In 2015 it was discovered that our family is related to the Romanov's when one cousin sent in his DNA for analysis since then two more cousins have sent their DNA samples in and the results were the same, each shows a close cousin relationship to Tsar Nicholas II's family. Because the test subjects were cousins and the results all the same it seems very possible that our Great Grandfather Ernst was an illegitimate son of Tsar Alexander II. The problem with that as far as the Monarchy laws go is that his mother was also of Royal descent, and that is a big problem as then the child born of such a union has rights to a title. included are some Photos of members from both families.

The Russian Orthodox prophecies match the circumstances of our family, but it goes beyond family as the Prophecies about the last Tsar yet to arrive match myself also. There has also been some spiritual events that have happened in my life that point to those prophecies also.

The story of the events can be found here on GLP posted in a thread a year before the Romanov DNA discovery.

Thread: A vision given 42 years ago, a Message, a Key, 9 gates, and a Journey into the Messianic way. Testimony on pg 82 cont pg 144 (about storm).

What happened during my visit makes me wonder if the last book of Monk Able was lost or is now just hidden away for select eyes to see and what it may contain in regards to the last Tsar Michael III. Could the book have said where the Last Tsar Michael III would be seen at noon that day also?

In August of 2017 I made a trip to Saint Petersburg Russia to pay my respects at the Tombs of Nicholas II and his family and also at the tomb of Tsar Alexander II my Great Great Grandfather. It is said that Tsar Nicholas II was told that he had to sacrifice his self and his son or there would be no adoration, and if there was no adoration the last Tsar would not come. The Tsar and his entire family along with some faithful servants were murdered on July 17th 1918. Monk Able (Avel) said that the last Tsar who will be named Michael III would show up and proclaim his self on September 21st but gave no year only that it would be after a terrible war.

Seeing that our family showed the DNA relationship to the Romanov's, the Russian Orthodox prophecies that our family and myself match, and the spiritual events that happened in my life, I know that their is a high probability that I'm that Last Tsar.

It was because Tsar Nicholas sacrificed himself and his family in order for the last Tsar to come, I knew had to make the journey. This Spring I cashed in all my savings and sold all could to make the trip. On August 29th I departed American Samoa to visit Saint Petersburg Russia. Here is what happened on September 21st when I visited Saint Peter and Paul's cathedral and the tombs of my dead relatives:

On September the 21st after visiting my Great Great Grandfathers grave and praying at the tomb of Tsar Nicholas and his family, and having the my portrait drawn by an artist who said I looked a lot like Tsar Alexander III, I located room where the Monks that still maintain a small section of Saint Peter and Paul's Cathedral.

I approached one young Monk and asked him if he spoke English and a bit surprised that I asked and he said" Yes". I then asked him if today was a special day and he again said "Yes", I replied is it because of what Monk Able had said in his prophecies? and his eyes opened and jaw dropped and he said "Yes!". I then said "isn't this (referring to Saint Peter and Paul's Cathedral) the Heart of Russia?" to which he said "Yes it is!" I then told him that I was one of Tsar Alexander II's Great Great Grandchildren and my name is Michael. I said I had come to pay my respects and pray at the tomb of Tsar Nicholas II, his Family and Tsar Alexander II's Tomb He let out a loud "of Course!" (The paying of respects to love ones and others is an act of adoration). I then handed him the third letter to the Russian Orthodox church and asked him to deliver it up the chain in the church, he assured me that he would and asked me what was in it I told him the missing History of one of Alexander II's sons families and a message to the Church. I thanked him and shook his hand and exited Saint Peter and Paul's Church stepping outside by fate it was exactly Noon when the armory cannon was shot off and the bells of Saint Peter and Paul's rang out.

Photo taken after the Priest had left the window.


Being a bit overwhelmed by what had just happened I walked out into the courtyard in front of the Cathedral and said a prayer on the benches while the Church bells continued to ring. When finished I looked up at the Church bell tower and in the second story window there was a Priest in a red robe with white markings looking down at me. He noticed that I saw him and left the window. I then stood up and took a few pictures of the Church, and courtyard using my Android phone and started my walk back to the flat that I had rented at MOYKA 31 River Embankment which I later found out has historical ties to the Saint Peter and Paulís Cathedral itself.

The Saint Peter and Paul Fort.


Moyka 31 River embankment


In my visit on September 21st 2017 I had fulfilled most of Monk Able's prophecies given almost 200 years earlier, but as for the last Tsar one prophecy remained unfulfilled as far as I knew, the one of his showing up at the heart of Russia after a terrible war. That was one only God himself could complete. Unknowing to all due to the negotiations being totally secret it did happen, President Putin did announce that a end of the Syria war had been finalized and on Sept 30th (my 29th the day I arrived back in American Samoa), Putin made the announcement stating that it was finalized in Mid September just a few days before my Visit to the Heart of Russia.

Monk Able was spot on 100% once more from 200 years in the past.

Here are some videos on Monk able and other Saints prophecies about the last Tsar Michael III and one where Putin makes the Syria war's end announcement.

The pictures of family members and the Romanov's Our Great Grandfather Ernst Wilhelm Eberlein and Prince Michael Romanov (Tsar Michael II) who only briefly was the Tsar from 1917-1918.

Ernst M romanov

Bertha W. Eberlein (Ernst's daughter) Olga Romanov Tsar Nicholas II's oldest daughter

G Martin Olga Romanov

I'm told by friends and Russian's that I look like Tsar Alexander III.

mike 2017 Alex III

I wish I had photos of my Cousins Jim and John as they look like Tsar Nicholas I and Tsar Alexander II
The real proof will be in the DNA of our Great Grandfather who should have the same yDNA chromosome as Alexander II, Alexander III, and Nicholas II.

One last item for you just to prove I was at Saint Peter and Paul's cathedral on Sept 21st 2017...the artist is well known there and sketches people to make a living he had to fix the date when I mentioned it was actually the 21st, there is even his fingerprints on the Charcoal drawing.
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