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Subject Chernobyl Wormwood Fukushima
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Original Message This is for stupid ppl so log off now if youre IQ is over 3

When the bible said a STAR would fall into the ocean harming life the STAR was a way of using an analogy for a nuclear reactor.

AKA Fukushima.

Chernobyl is an herb in English its Mugwort or WORMWOOD 2 herbs educated ppl would recognize as parasite cleanse herbs like walnut.

So the bible saying the STAR/REACTORS name is Chrnobyl isnt coincidence.

Ive been publishing this since long before Fukushima because the solar changes began AFTER chernobyl
thats when OZONE HOLES were news and SUNSCREEN began as a product needed for sun.

Before that only TANNING lotions were sold.

Thread: the white sun, venus and mars

in the above thread I docuemt the changes to Earths atmosphere from nuclear meltdowns and IF YOU READ THE THREAD I link the science to how radioactive steam CHANGES the molecular structure of earths upper atmosphere.

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