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Subject How to prepare for the pole shift or plasma apocalypse
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Original Message Pole Shift

If you guys want to know the truth, don’t waste time arguing with me. I know how confused you ppl are due to the media/propaganda out there. I have done extensive research and figured it all out. If you keep checking the same sources on the news or YouTube they won’t tell you much because you don’t know how they all connect together.

Ready? Here it is.

The pole shift is coming soon. Technically, it is a worldwide reset cause by plasma, but there’s no need to get too deep because it would take eons to explain in ways you guys would understand. Just know that a catastrophe similar to the pole shift is coming, and to prepare.

Get food, water, make a bug out bag. That’s a good start. Then we can go on from there.

Do not argue the validity of what I’m saying. Just consider yourselves lucky that you found my post.


1) High elevation above 3000 feet (5000 feet if you are by the coast)
2) Solid ground (bedrock)
3) Water supply
4) 50+ miles from volcanoes
5) 50+ miles from major cities
6) 1+ miles away from forests (get above tree line)
7) Be close to the 33rd parallel either North/South

Do all this and your location will be safe during the pole shift. Look for caves, cliffs, mesas, and promontories.

Pole shift order of events.

For seven days, you will have to deal with:
1. Pressure release (built-up heat/energy)
2. Loss of EM field (“rapture”)
3. Wind vortex (powerful gust)
4. World shaker (rockslide, landslide)
5. Tsunami (5000+ feet for safety)
6. Volcano eruption (ash cloud, lahar)
7. Ice dome collapse (south of equator)
8. Plasma (centered on North Pole outward)
9. Fire (city, oil field, forest)
10. Flood (centered on North Pole outward also; 3000+ feet for safety)

3 months of fires and everything else to settle down. Then you can start planting seeds.

[link to biblehub.com (secure)]
Rock formations: [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]
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