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Subject Most of you would wish for my death, but I may be able to save you from yours...
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Original Message I hesitated, posting here. Godlike has long been overtaken by the most hateful, extreme, elements of the uber RW. I don't post here and only occasionally check in. But, I've been researching Covid-19 for myself, my children and everyone else...

What I've found is beyond simplistic and I am only sharing because I know you all have families and many have children or elderly you can help.

You know how they keep telling you to avoid ALL NSAID's?

It's bullshit.

Ibuprofen may very well cause issues for people RE: coronavirus BUT not all NSAID's are alike.

Naproxen has not been shown to cause issues with Covid-19 and in fact, has been shown in numerous studies to work as an effective antiviral against RNA virus', like the new coronavirus. Luckily, it's even been shown effective at normal dosing ranges (2-8mg/kg/day OR 220mg to 700mg if 200lb [roughly]).

Of course, it's only one tool you need in your toolbox but it's an important one. Not only has it not been shown to worsen Covid-19, it is an effective anti-inflammatory, does not increase viral shedding and while it may be an immunosuppressant, that might not be a terrible thing here since an overblown immune response is partly what kills you.

In addition, you should also be taking Milk Thistle to avoid the fibrosis associated with this disease and if you can get it, Licorice root, Frankincense and any other antifibrotic substance you can obtain OTC.

For other antiviral's, which you will need, I suggest a combo of any of the following:

Woat root/ Banlangen / Isatis root (the tea is hard to find but worth it)
(Google anti-viral herbs for more)

If you do get a lung infection, you will need essential oils to fight it. Frankincense, Lavender, Tea Tree, Sage and Eucalyptus will all help lower inflammation, help you breathe better and also help fight the virus in your lungs (you'll need them all). Direct vapor inhalation is the safest route though nebulization would be more effective. Volatile oils lose efficacy fast so repeated dosing is needed.

There are obviously hundreds more things out there that could help, but these will help with the worst of it.

If you are feeling sick, still take ten tons of OTC cold meds. Still call your doctor. But add the shit above on top. It really will help. I've been battling symptoms for weeks and I am still alive. Today is the first day I didn't feel like total dog shit. Honestly, I just got my Ban lan gen tea a few days ago and started taking Naproxen a few days ago but the addition of the two seems to have really helped.

Anyway, like I said, I'm sure most of you would piss on my grave but I know you have loved ones and I have to put this out there. Best of luck to all of you. Seriously.
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