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Subject 5G Is Not Safe, And I Think That It May Be Affecting My Health
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Original Message Back in December, I got a rash on my neck that doctors couldn't fully explain. They said it was probably a reaction to a soap or detergent, and yet I was using the same things that I was using before. Then, all of a sudden, it went away. And I had not changed any of the shaving creams, detergents, or soaps that I used.

Also, prior to this, it felt like I was coming down with something. Yet I never really got sick or anything like that. It was just this rash on my neck. It was kind of weird that it came for no reason and went away for no reason, there were absolutely zero changes in any products that I used that could have caused this.

I thought a lot about what it could have been and was just at a complete loss. Then, I realized that December was when they put up the towers in my city and the wireless internet in my house started showing a 5G option. Also, I know that radiation sickness can cause rashes, which makes me wonder if perhaps the 5G had something to do with this.

Unfortunately, I have had some more odd symptoms on and off that started in early April. Both my mom and I got a sore throat, and she said she felt extremely tired. Both of us also had on and off chills, and she got a singular white spot in her mouth that lasted for weeks. Anyways, even though whatever this was just caused minor symptoms, it was kind of weird.

The chills for some reason were only at night. During the day, I'd feel fine. And then at night, I'd just start feeling off. Sometimes, I'd start getting the chills too and wake up sweaty in the night. Strangely, my mom took her temperature when she was having these symptoms. Apparently, she didn't get a fever. I can't say for myself as I didn't take my temperature.

Strangely for me, whatever the fuck this is/was never fully went away for me. And keep in mind that it has been like 6 weeks or so, maybe even more. I also occasionally had these really bad coughing spells, but my inhaler seemed to take care of that. So, perhaps that was just related to my asthma, I don't know. What's weird about this is that I've never had a cold, the flu, or anything that stuck around for weeks and weeks like that.

I was never really that sick, and I wouldn't say that I was even "sick" exactly in the conventional sense of the term. Just odd, minor symptoms and feeling off at times. And the other weird thing about it was that it seemed to only be at night with the chills. During the day, I'd be fine. But the way it lasted and lasted is weird, and I even had some minor chills and not feeling quite right just a few days ago. And the sore throat still comes back on and off, though it's not strep since my mom took antibiotics which didn't help.

But how could some sort of virus causing minor, barely noticeable symptoms last so long and possibly even be permanent? That makes no sense at all. Fuck knows what exactly this is/was, but we've been pretty cautious when it comes to the precautions to avoid corona. So, I doubt it was/is that, but who knows. However, no matter what it was, some type of bug sticking around for months just doesn't seem quite right honestly.

Especially when you put this together with that rash. And guess what else is a symptom of radiation sickness? A damaged immune system, which leaves you more vulnerable to illness. I suspect that 5G might be a major contributing factor to this pandemic. Yes, the virus is real, but 5G is probably reducing our immunity and leaving us more vulnerable to this virus and others. Something about barely getting sick from something, just enough to notice something off, and then having the symptoms come and go for 6 weeks just doesn't make sense.

I'm not a doctor, but I have done a bit of research on this stuff. There are some reports of the novel coronavirus causing infections that last for months, but doctors are perplexed. I'm not just talking about the severe cases either, this includes people who've had only mild symptoms. Yet the mild symptoms sometimes persist for inexplicably long periods of time. Doctors have no idea why this is, because given the type of virus that this is and how it affects the human body, it should cause an illness that one either recovers from within a week or two or very rarely, results in death.

Symptoms lasting for weeks and weeks should not be medically possible with this virus unless it causes pneumonia, and yet, a few people with mild illnesses are finding that the symptoms have persisted for as long as a couple of months..... or more. There is one way to explain this though, which is that perhaps there is something other than the virus that is affecting our immune systems. This would make it harder to clear it from the body, causing infections to be more severe and/or difficult for the body to get rid of. Perhaps, that something is 5G.

If this were the case, you'd expect to see that other infections have become more severe. Because the immune system is responsible for fighting all pathogens that enter the body, not just coronavirus. And having done my research, it appears that this is happening. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2019-2020 flu season was a bad one. Around 60,000 people are estimated to have died of the flu, and as many as 56 million people got it. So, it does appear that 5G may have caused the flu to somehow become more virulent than usual as well.

Also, 5G towers were put up in Wuhan just before the outbreak began. There is evidence that 5G damages may damage the immune system, and this isn't just coming from some random guy on the internet. Scientists who have researched the effects of this type of radiation on the human body have raised concerns about the possibility that it may damage the human immune system. Because 5G is different than any other wireless internet or cellular signals that have been used. It's a form of radiation, which is known as "millimeter radiation". It's microwave radiation, which is non ionizing just like other cellular and Wi-Fi signals.

However, it has a shorter wavelength. Some people falsely claim that this would make it safer as it cannot penetrate human skin. Unfortunately, this does not prevent it from affecting the immune system. Most immune cells pass through one's circulatory system or lymphatic fluid. Due to the fact that the circulatory system is a circuit and connected to the lymphatic system, many if not all immune cells will at some time pass within a millimeter of your skin's surface in capillaries. This allows them to be affected by 5G radiation and potentially damaged or altered by it. I even read an article in Scientific American, which said that scientists have "no reason to think 5G is safe".

[link to blogs.scientificamerican.com (secure)]
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