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Subject Covid Panic Roles Have Reversed
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Original Message I find it interesting how roles have reversed. Back in January I was preparing for the worst: ordering N95 masks on Jan. 12th, and buying 3mos worth of food supplies, etc. Liberal friends and family members looked at me like I was crazy as they went about their lives as if it were just a flu not to worry about.

But then I slowly began to see the truth and pulled back on everything as the liberals started to wear masks and bought into the panic. Now they are the ones demanding masks and getting experimental injections and look at me like I am crazy for being suspicious of it all.

Now we are seeing a ridiculous PR marketing push for the injections. Videos of people crying because they are so happy they got the shot; highway signs telling us to get “vaxxed”; virtue signaling like I’ve never seen before. It is the biggest turn off and makes me sick. Meanwhile literally any treatment that showed an ounce of promise were immediately castigated instead of being taken seriously. Censorship of anyone asking honest questions and trying to engage in logical, scientifically based debates. Scientists and doctors are ostracized, fired, and ridiculed.

The censorship should be the biggest clue that something is very very wrong. You cant finance vaccines if there any existing treatments so its no wonder why they would be doing this.

And now we are starting to see statistics that align with what Geert was saying would happen. The states in India that stopped Ivermectin and began injecting are seeing covid spikes. Same with other areas in the world. It is all happening exactly as Geert Bosch predicted.
I just hope the truth comes out before forced mandatory injections become a thing because I do not wish to partake in any emergency trial of a vaccine whose long term side effects are unknown.

Scary times.
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