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Subject Will Fauci Get A Visit From The Clinton Suicide Squad Before Or If He Is Called To Testify Under Oath?
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Original Message I think so..because (Deep State 'gofer') Fauci knows everything about what transpired in the release of this virus and the Deep State, that is involved, has a hell of a lot to lose. Fauci knows, who, why and how much was paid! He's a smart doctor, but he didn't know when to STFU and he was, at last, enjoying the limelight that the people he work for had always had.

This is the way it went down. Soros and his 'deep state' Democrat Communist Party knew that President Trump was going to be re-elected by over 80 million (Legal) votes. They had to stop it in it's tracks. They had the 'criminal' Soros and Dominion voting machines in place and had the people in charge of ordering and receiving them, paid off, but this wasn't enough and they knew it. They had to have a reason to be able to use mail in ballots...PANDEMIC..was the answer!

You think I'm wrong..well think about it, again. When you are trying to figure out what the Democrat Communist Party is up to and what are their plans for destroying Us and Our nation...YOU HAVE TO THINK LIKE A CRIMINAL!

When you try to think like Marxist, American 'hater', George Soros, who had financial ties with the Wuhan Labs

[link to civilianintelligencenetwork.ca]

you have to have the mentality to think like Hitler ( his ex boss!) We're now talking about genocide and not caring about how many people, from how many nation's will be killed to get their murdering, evil, task, done and finished.

Do I think that Soros and other members of the Democrat Communist Party, knew of this plan of action, well in advance, and prepared themselves for the attack from the virus? Did you notice that not one of the America 'hater' criminal's in that party came down with the virus. We need to find out what members were taking hydroxychloroquine before outbreak was reported. You can now understand why the Democrat Communist Party and their 'left-wing' media is trying to stop ALL information about the virus..who..what..when..sources.

Now, that most have had the vaccine..where do We go from here? From what I understand, the vaccine was a 'rush-job' screw up. It was a spike protein that was to stay in one place and fight off the virus.That wasn't the case. It became toxic and is now getting into our blood stream and some having bad effects and even death from it.
Why they are still pushing it..I don't know..especially in the youth. I think that's criminal in itself! They should have tested to see if you have the antibodies to fight it before forcing anything on us. That takes time..but fuck it!
Millions are just like us..we are now just waiting to see what effect, or any will it have on us and the ones We love. Wait and see.. as, it seems like, people we know are dying around us from sudden multiple causes. No one is saying that it is related.

Now are they going to have to get a boaster shot because the vaccines wears off in a short period of time? I think
that they do have a medication that does inhibit toxic protein from getting into your bloodstream. It's called lvermectin..and if it works..they better get on this shit FAST!

By the way..if Soros and Gates are involved..we'll never know the truth!
And the Clinton's have the license to kill anyone they please..and Our 'corrupt' DOJ and FBI just looks the other way!:clinton body bag:
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