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Subject Why does the So. California Power grid tie directly into Mexico, and is ultimately controlled by a Mexican Company?
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Original Message I looked on Boogle Earth the other day when Harris went to the 'border', just to see how far away the Airport in El Paso was logistically to the actual border, and Found out it is a ways away.

So I decided to take a tour along the Border Wall all the way to the Pacific just to see for myself where the obvious gaps might be, I found a lot in NM and AZ on my way to the coast.

Got to California and found a huge Solar Energy Farm just N. of the Mexico border, and at the Southern edge of California's Imperial agricultural Valley.

32°40'21.54"N 115°37'2.13"W Is the Solar Farm.

I went wow that's cool how green of them, and I continued westward again...something caught my eye as the auto scroll was scrolling W. across the desolate desert. I almost spilled my drink stopping the movement...I backed it up and found A very disturbing thing.

Very Large Transmission Lines were crossing the border from the USA into Mexico. WTF ?

32°39'4.27"N 115°40'51.81"W is the crossover point if you care to look for yourself.

I was compelled to follow to wherever this large capacity electrical infrastructure terminated.

They terminate at three Power plants in Baja California Mexico, these are Petroleum based gas Power plants, though one is labeled 'Thermal' that is probably just word salad meaning heated by Gas, though I have not looked at the Geological study of that area to see if there are possible thermal vents but I highly doubt that is the case.

32°36'3.70"N 115°39'39.53"W Location of Power Plant 1.

32°36'3.86"N 115°37'43.12"W / 32°35'53.35"N 115°37'45.65"W Power Plants 2 & 3.

These power Plants are owned, maintained, managed, and controlled by the Mexican Company BCP (Baja California Power inc.)

Here is a link to the 2005 G.W. Bush era D.O.E. document approving this measure.

[link to www.energy.gov (secure)] (it is a scanned doc, so I can't copy and paste from it.)

I followed the 230KV 430Mw (as per the doc specs) Transmission lines north into California and found out it all ties together with the Wind Farm found at:

32°44'48.89"N 116° 2'35.22"W Wind Farm.

The distribution center for all of it, The Solar Farm, The Wind Farm and the Three Mexican Petroleum fired Power Plants is located at least on USA soil at:

32°43'3.55"N 115°42'48.63"W Main Grid Hub.

So on the surface Southern California can look all Green and Pretty on the USA side with their Solar arrays and Wind farms while they are demonizing the evil internal combustion engine in order to save the Planet.

HYPOCRITES every one of them. While they sneakily buy power from across the border from foreign sources who can circumnavigate the Environmental standards forced on USA based energy company's, all done with simple bribes and under table deals, business as usual in Mexico.

Supplying all of the power to Imperial Valley a major agricultural area, and much all the way into San Diego, this section of the SW Grid seems to have a bit of a security issue to me.

Ignored by greed and for the Illusion to appear environmentally responsible, they have put much at risk for many.

Just though folks might want to know, if you already didn't know. I personally had no idea of the amount of stupidity involved here.
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