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Subject Respons to HERE'S WHAT WILL HAPPEN
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Original Message First some back story. This WILL be a wall of text. Not all of it is 100% accurate but you'll get the general idea.

I've had a theory since from about 2008 at the time of the housing bubble collapse. I developed my theory from several others. First I came across the Kondratiev Long Wave Theory. Kondratiev was a Soviet economist put on a mission by Stalin to compare the US economic system with the Soviet and tell him which was better. Kondratiev's conclusion was the US system was better in the long term. He found, for example, that privatized industry and services created competition and that competition drove innovation. So things like supply meeting demand, production efficiencies, logistics, delivery, you name it were all improved because of technological advances created by those companies coming up with advantages to compete with their opponents. So production, manufacturing, services, logistics, transportation, etc were all improved over time because of competition. There was only one flaw in the US system. Over time greed and lack of regulation and massive disruption from emerging technologies caused a crash. So while in the long run, the US system was vastly superior, there is a boom / bust cycle. He figured this cycle to be based on technology and happens every 80ish years.

I looked further. What I discovered was these disruptive technologies are generally not new. They were invented decades prior, called interesting at best and nothing really happens with them... but they mature. Then they catch on and start gaining traction in the second half of this 80 year cycle and ramp up the creation of new ideas, services, and products that eventually replace all the old ways of doing things were done. And yes, there is a current list of these things. The obvious one for our cycle is the internet. Developed in the early 1980s and the world wide web created in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee. The internet paved the way for all kinds of new services and products. Many super disruptive. It's not that we stop doing the things we've always done, we just do them differently. There is also a lot of resistance to the changes and this causes many to suffer because they refuse to abandon the old / adopt the new... so they get left behind. For example, Amazon is really just a modern Sears Catalog. It's weird to me what some forget. All the big stores, Pennys, Sears, etc all used to have catalog showrooms where you couldn't actually buy anything that day and take it home. You filled out your catalog forms and took the to the counter and they got ordered and you picked them up the following week or so. They might have several smaller items, but not all. So Amazon isn't destroying anything really... what they are doing is the same thing, just differently, and those saying they're destroying everything are the ones refusing to adopt the new technology. Humans have an interesting bias, we romanticize the past and fear the future to extremes. Everything was better back in the day and going to shit now. That's common though processes in humans.

But in the other cycles we had cars that were too expensive and there were no roads and they were too dangerous... no one would use them en masse.

So I looked back at the other cycles.... when were they were late 1920s-early 1930s, 1860s, 1780s... those seem familiar? They should. WWII, Civil War, Revolutionary War periods. so if you want to know what's coming or how much will change, look to those periods. That's the level of change and upheaval this period should be, according to my theory. Looks to see what was changed before and after those wars.

So I looked at the Presidents around the cycle's main events. Who were they? Something interesting popped up. During each of these times we had a "terrible" POTUS followed by a "Great" POTUS. I'm not here to debate if they were actually good or bad or the nuances. I'm only presenting how they are taught in schools, generally thought of by the public and media, and ranked historically. Before the "Great" Washington we didn't have a POTUS, but we had King George III. He was generally considered terrible for the colonies, so it counts. Before the Great Lincoln we had the generally accepted as the worst ever POTUS, Buchanan. The next "terrible" POTUS was Hoover succeeded by the "Great" FDR. This brings us to Trump. I know many here love Trump, but look at it from afar. The way he is depicted in the media and academia and will probably be remembered in history books (if there are any) is looking like he'll be considered a terrible POTUS. This is why I was telling people they really wanted Hillary to win in 2016. Everything bad Trump was blamed for would have also happen to her, because in my opinion this is all cycle based. What's confusing me a little is how will Biden be remembered as a "Great" along the lines of Lincoln and FDR? I don't see how it's possible.

So to answer the "what will happen" question, it's basically this: WAR.

Humans, particularly Americans tend to need to experience some sort of massive life changing trauma before they change. Like not quitting smoking until a spouse gets lung cancer from second hand smoke, or surviving a body mangling car accident or plane crash. It takes something big on the individual level and takes something just as big on a national level to change the country. So my thinking is something so large, tragic, destructive, and massive will happen / must happen for this country to realize what's really important and kind of get back to basics and foundations of what really matters. We've lost that and it appears it takes about 80 years for us to lose it and for something big to happen to "reset' everything to where we refocus for a while.

I call this transition "The Shift". I was going to do even more research and write a book about it, but I'm lazy and never did.

Here's a few of the changes I see coming no one will stop. So find a way to adapt, adopt, profit, and succeed from them.

1. Fully electric vehicles everywhere, no combustion engines.
2. Full renewable green energy production (that you will still have to buy from them).
3.Milage Tax (since no gas tax)
4. Digital ID / Passport (including vaccines)
5. Elimination of cash. The future will be digital / crypto / blockchain they have backdoors to
6. Local / boutique retail, everything else will be internet
7. Grocery stores and Home Depot type places remain

Those are just some.

Remember, if my theory is correct, we're about to go through something on the same level as WWII, the Civil War or the Revolutionary War. Going it alone in survival mode will not work for individuals, you're gonna need large groups. You can have all the guns and ammo you want, you're not going to stop 10,000 people rushing your neighborhood. Good luck, c ya out there.
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