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Subject Pisseed off in Northern Ontario WARNING TO HOMESTEADERS, got chickens got provincial animal control
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Original Message Warning TO Homesteaders and farmers:

I am pissed... and I will not deny I was shocked.
Here is what happened. Sorry for spelling errors and any of my anger that may come across. Just pissed and ready for more bullshit on the homestead front.

This afternoon I had a provincial ( Ontario ) Animal Control Officer come to the property.

Stating that a complaint had been filed for sanitary reasons about our/the chickens. He wanted to inspect the coupes.

He did not identify himself. Mr NO NAME but I can read, its okay don't identify yourself as you trespassed posted signs.

He told me that it will be easier if I just allow him to inspect the coupes and sign a consent form, he ( no name I read the tag but really anyone can make that shit up) represented the Provincial Govt of Ontario, and if he had to get a warrant that would make it harder for me.

I was like wow,( if I or the property owner invoke our right to deny consent and force a search warrant he would be harder on us) I am not the home owner, I cannot give consent, then the whole game of do you take care of the animals then you are responsible. This whole time the chickens are wild free range with rooster and come up to him and hang out with us during are conversation.

I said you will have to speak to the property owner, he says "who's that?" I respond you should know since a complaint was filed and he is the property owner on tax roll for the municipality.

He does not respond.

" I will go over this consent form, it will be way easier for you just to consent then for me to have to get a warrant then it will be harder. You do have a right not to consent, but if I get a warrant it will be harder for you when I come back."

I said I will gladly call the property owner and you can speak directly to him. But he will probably not consent.
He agreed and spoke over the phone to the property owner, who is pissed off with no information. He told the officer I don't know you, I cant see you and no! Do your job, get the warrant and then come back.
"Are the chickens not around you right now?|"
" Yes" says the officer.
"well do they look in distress?"

No answers for any questions posted by the property owner.
He hangs up my phone, which he removed his PPE and passed back to me, I should of sterilized it.

and says... " I will see you soon." with an evil look on his face and matter of factly.

Basically the provincial officer will be back.
With a warrant, then we will know who filed the complaint.

NO ONE UNDER any circumstance is allowed in our chicken coupes, as we already know that people can spread flu and virus via visiting homestead/farm to farm.

SO I am curious, is this just a provincial scam or did a nasty fuc*in jealous neighbor just call for a bluff.

Heads UP>> agenda STATEs you will not be allowed to raise livestock.

I will be recording when the animal control returns and a complaint has already been filed with OPP for cohersion (sp?) and threatening for invoking our rights to not consent.

Imagine an OPP comes to your door and says let me in and sign this consent, if you don't It will be harder on you when I get the search warrant.


P.S. Chickens here are treated like royalty, if you have a burger they will jump up in your lap and try to take it.


F8ckin spoiled, let a lone abused and in unsanitary conditions.
Yes I live here, but I am not the property owner. F*Ck In todays society of complex identity no one can understand that yes I live here, but I AM NOT THE PROPERTY OWNER, so sick of shit.
But I will gladly fight for the property owner and sleep with him. OKAY!?! Called non of your business is our ARRANGEMENT>
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