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Subject Psychopaths: Is There A Place for Them In A Fair Society?
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Original Message Psychopathic behavior has become a serious problem in the modern world, with many intelligent psychopaths excelling in politics, business, and law. The root of this condition is currently thought to be physical differences in the limbic system and prefrontal cortex of the brain. There are currently no effective therapies to treat it.

Once these individuals have established themselves, at the controls of a civilization, they go about setting policy that favors the success and recruitment of their own kind into the same spheres of influence. Ultimately, they can "infect" society with their pathology causing neurotypical humans to aspire to psychopathic traits in order to get ahead. They follow a twisted personal logic of Darwinian brutality and excel at manipulating the empathy of others, which they see as foolish and weak. Psychopaths command compliance and obedience so as to actualize their agendas. Accordingly, they are encouraged by the absence of critical thought, and the reliance on primitive psychological defenses of those they seek to control. In doing so, they create a feedback loop of social conditioning that drives the entire social order into lockstep with their ideals and goals. In a psychopath's mind, might makes right and power is best seen as the means to acquire even more power.

However, psychopaths can be useful and even beneficial if kept from seizing control of a system, as they are capable of making difficult logical decisions under pressure while being immune to fear and peer pressure. They can be great assets in the armed forces as well as in the boardroom of an insurance company.

1. Given the damage they can cause, do you think that there could ever be a model under which they can operate to maximize their innate skills while protecting us from their ruthless and charming nature?

2. What vocations should they be limited to, if any?

3. Should we make awareness of psychopathology a requirement in primary education programs?

4. Should politicians be forced to undergo a battery of tests to determine whether they fit this personality disorder?

5. Is it ethical to test children early for psychopathy to minimize damage to self and others in later life?

6. In general, how should they be treated by the rest of us?
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