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Subject PSYOPS CONFIRMED: Governments admit using “mass formation psychosis” to enforce compliance with COVID restrictions, mandates
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Original Message A key ingredient in this global hysteria is cell phones, which are ubiquitous worldwide and are highly addictive. Cell phones, plus social media, plus addiction, plus fear / despair / loneliness create mobs that mentally move like a giant school of fish. If you have ever seen a massive flock of birds swarm in the sky, then you have seen hysteria in action. The flock moves and morphs like a single organism. Humans likewise form a mindless blob directed by authority figures.

The absurd lock-downs are designed to eliminate social interaction, and thereby increase people’s addiction to their cell phones and to social media. The resulting mass psychosis is further enhanced by offering the peasants a single all-powerful, all-encompassing “solution” which is vaxxing.

Half of the population has lost all touch with reality. Thus we have that teacher in Texas, for example, locking her 13-year-old son in the trunk of her car so he wouldn’t give her “Covid.”

Normally we call this mass hysteria. The term “mass formation psychosis” is a bit clumsy, but it is catching on, and it is therefore causing the Covid gods to panic.

What if it becomes as viral as the Covid lies, and causes the masses to awaken from their trance?

[link to vulms.org (secure)]
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