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Subject UK is insane right now PART 2. Chat with my 12yo Son regarding school peers beliefs
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Original Message My son knows I am a woo woo
Maybe because I am little proud of it and dont hide my beliefs
I have a number of nephews aged 18-14 yos and whilst this generation has managed to escape almost unscathed from the constant Marxist programming, I fear from the children who fall under this age

Today we were discussing sexual identity.

MY son stated he was sick of all the weirdos in his class who were claiming to any letter of the alphabet that fell within the LGBQT spectrum

So i asked him, exactly how many children in his class claimed to identify with one of these subclasses? He pulls out his snap chat and started scrolling through the children in his class. He showed me at least 10 children in less than 2 minutes who were using the "they/them" etc pronouns.

Whilst I was startled at the numbers what he said next blew my mind

He said "Do you know what a Zoophile is?"

At this point I spat my tea out as he proceeded to show me a number of profiles who claimed to their sexual preference was with animals. These kids are 12 years old.

He said one girl and boy in his class actually talk about wanting to have sex with dogs.

What scares me most is that the parents are accepting of this like its normal.

The end of the world can't come soon enough .... we really are living in the last days

For clarification:
I split from his Mother 10 years ago
There was long protracted court case from 2010 to 2015 based on my beliefs that
1)The MMR vaccine was dangerous
2)In 2021 the government would start a population control programme through forced vaccinations of school children and that the MMR jab was the first stage in the depopulation event
3)That my son should be home schooled

(I lost in court)

4)I have two other children, one is currently home schooled and the youngest will also be when she is of school age
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