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Subject So Easily Manipulated...
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Original Message It is beyond disgusting and, quite frankly, pathetic; how the world is being BRAINWASHED into "standing" with the Ukraine. Anyone with two firing neurons KNOWS that Ukraine is part of the former Soviet. It would be like the USA invading Alabama to re-admit a former state into the union.
Right NOW, people are being groomed and conditioned to go to war against the last of only 3 countries who defy the NEW WORLD, ONE WORLD ORDER. I do not agree with much of anything the Russians have done in the past (Gulags; suppression of freedoms), nor China...AT ALL. But, this is neither the time nor the place to enter into WW III.
Your families and you are about to make a decision that will threaten you very lives. And yet most, if not 99%, of the population haven't a clue of what is TRULY going on. They listen to the radio and television....they are emotional...they are ignorant...stupid...and sop up the propaganda like children who have never read a book, and don't have the mental capacity nor critical/objective thought of a 2 year old.
What intelligent person would believe ANYTHING that either the United State's government OR the Soviets would claim? Only a damned FOOL. Mores the pity, because 99% of the population are just that.
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