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Message Subject Gulf: Mother of all Gushers COULD kill the Oceans
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is being removed from the front page:

just trying to get the word out to ya'll

something is fishy cause this just will not make it to the front page

"Re: WHOA!! BP - Footage of new plume from sea floor!!!!

why did the above thread disappear from the pinned threads on the front page?

and why is the following post by me not making it to the front page?????? i even created a new thread for it, "Gulf of Mexico Cameron Highway Disaster or Sabotage"


someone check this

am i in the right place on the cameron highway map?

figured it out

looks like the Marco Polo line cuts right through Mississippi Canyon Block 252

and some miles to the right there is another line

75 NW of the leak would be a BUNCH of pipelines


i think the pipeline is leaking

hope i am wrong

anyone want to look at the map

[link to www.cameronhighwayoil.com]


5-6 miles away to the right of the Marco Polo line is the Allegheny line

isn't there supposed to be a even bigger leak 5-6 miles away?

and 75 NW is where the Poseidon Line, the Allegheny Line and a bunch of other lines meet up


i think we are dealing with not just a rig blowing but failure of some pipelines

someone check this PLEASE

[link to www.cameronhighwayoil.com]

Poseidon, Allegheny, Front Runner, Constitution, Caesar Line all meet up around 75 NW of original leak

Allegheny is 5-6 miles away

crap, this MUST be a Cameron Highway Disaster
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 994598

Ok, I made a screenshot, marked the spots I am talking about in HOT PINK. here is the flickr link.

someone check it.
[link to www.flickr.com]"
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