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Subject Russell Crowe - Calls for Real Life Robin Hood Tax on Banks
Poster Handle Self Made Marionette
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[Russell Crowe] is keen on the side of the [Robin Hood] story that deals with “the rights and privileges of the ruling class being redistributed” and says he was interested in a recent proposal by fellow actor Bill Nighy and director Richard Curtis to introduce a so-called Robin Hood tax.

They are campaigning to introduce a levy on international currency transactions and to give the money raised to those in greater need.

Russell says: “I think in essence it’s not a bad idea. I would probably be looking at aiming a bit higher than what they are aiming for at the moment.

“They need to be careful how they word any document. Banks have a habit of stinging you at both ends.

“It is always a point which bothers everybody when banks seem to put up their charges on an annual basis yet also seem to publish these gigantic profit figures in the same year and you wonder why your own life isn’t moving at the same pace.

[link to bighollywood.breitbart.com]

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