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George Noory

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/12/2010 12:00 AM
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George Noory
Cruising along crushing mounds of dead bodies under the flesh and bone clogged monster tracks of 10,000 German Landkreuzer P. Ratte super tanks weighing in at 3.96 million pounds apiece crewed by the world's most serious blood thirsty diabolical arch villains with Adolf Hitler himself peering out the targeting periscope of the leading tank completely full of himself yet the master plan had one last victim before the Final Solution was complete, when all of a sudden...
Radio operator too der Fuhrer!, sir, we're receiving highly a highly annoying communication from the United States, some sort of static from an underground radio station called Coast to Coast hosted by some obnoxious nitwit capitalist going by the name of Snoory Von George Noory, excuse me sir, a coded transmission from Berlin has arrived, it's your wife Eva Braum mein Fuhrer, your wife says if you don't stop Snoory Noory Germany will loose the war sir!
This just can't be, oh no!, what are we to do, the Americans can't put up with Von Noory so what do they expect me to? Hitler clamps both hands around his head in a state of Teutonic Germanic disbelief wondering to himself why he didn't accept a job at the Der Wienerschnitzel Factory like his friend Heinrich Himmler did. Maybe Germany should surrender mein Fuhrer, all of your generals think Von Noory presents a hopeless situation sir, if you're going to cry sir maybe you should go to your room.
Within the confines of the beast's inner sanctum Adolf Hitler sobs and listens to the screams of his dying men as the mighty land armada of super tanks rolls to a final stop smoke and fire, the rumble of explosions fills the air to the voice of the Third Reich's most bitter enemy none other than the most annoyingly boring, purely stupid radio talk show host that has ever lived, Von Noory the hated scourge of talk radio. Hitler knew he had only one more task to perform, with one hand "CLICK!" went the radio knob into the OFF position the other hand of Hitler fires a bullet into his own head in the same instant... The Fuhrer's surviving attendants immediately rush in to find a peaceful smile on Hitler's face, "Mein Gott Schultz der Fuhrer is kaput, but thank God for him that he doesn't have to listen to Von Noory anymore like we do ehy Schultz?
Just the Tip

User ID: 74892670
United States
01/25/2020 01:55 AM
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Re: George Noory