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Subject Mystery Boat Used to Spray Dispersant - Watch Video - Decide For Your Self
Poster Handle proudamerican
Post Content
The Sweet Smell of Death in the Gulf Coast Breeze. What is in that boat’s barrels?

Wake Up From Your Slumber

Natural gas is scented with a nasty smell so we can tell when there is a leak. This warns people NOT to breathe it. HOWEVER, the chemical dispersant (Corexit) is scented with a sweet smell from the 2-butoxyethanol, which isn’t perceived as a dangerous smell. This sweet aroma would cause more people to willingly breathe it in on shore, unalerted to the danger in their air.

OSHA describes 2-butoxyethanol’s odor as a “mild, pleasant, sweet, fruity”. Corexit 9527, the MOST TOXIC and ....cont.....

[link to theintelhub.com]
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