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That Could Be Arranged-1

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United States
09/19/2010 09:20 AM
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That Could Be Arranged-1
OK. She will stay here with you.
She loves you so much that she will freeze her ass off and stay here and wear the white shorts while her legs and feet are freezing cold and there isn't anyone to put her cold feet in his tummy... and warm them up and his manly carpenter- not Dad- hands... and maybe the hands start moving up and down... and maybe when they were up ... they would also come pay a visit to the queen in the castle, who very much want to come out and play ... but she doesn't like to drink as she herself is always juicy... and not thirst for the liquid itself but the sensations that the hose creates as it moves in and out like a snake and wiggles as it rub itself against the soft and.... I guess that's a good start for an Erotica Novel that you want her to write and also play in the main role and love watching... as she does in many roles... and who knows that motherfucking psycho maniac guy, who came out of nowhere the other night, that she didn't even know existed until then... and let all his anger and LOVE hanging out in front of him... feeling so empowered and so grateful that those who have been watching were the ones to encourage that to happen... but even they didn't expect such an extreme character from HER, the Litl Miss trouble and the Mermaid... how could she change so fast like that and live all those emotions literally and physically ...and create all those scenes in her mind and in her reality, even in her clothes...still feeling to a T everything she thinks of in her body... and go from being to being and feel all the same in her body...

By the way....
Good morning. ( if you really knew her, you would read this first, and know that she said good morning first)