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Instructions and Explanations

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United States
09/27/2010 10:25 AM
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Instructions and Explanations
Good morning.
As you know I get right to the point, not too much fooling around. I will leave the socialize to you, and I start my conversations from where I want to start- and sometimes I can come back tomorrow and continue with something we started yesterday. That is who I am and what I am. And if you continue trying to change me, you won't have anything left as I was telling you last night to look forward to watch, as I will just like everyone else, and I AM NOT.

I thought you might need some instructions as you are the observer. Thank you for your co-operation.
I will write more after eating the grilled cheese that God made for me. Thank you for not interfering.

Things that put me over the edge of darkness or all the way in it if the behavior persist.
Even then, in my most distressed state, I can be ripping your flesh apart with my teeth energetically, and turn around a nurture a baby in second in my most loving Goddessness.

1. Disrespect
2. Injustice
3. Lies

Interrupting me while I am talking to you while I am in the middle of a healing session with you or someone with you.
Not answering to what I am asking- I already know your stories as I read your conscious, subconscious and body language.
Talking to me in appropriate language and acting inappropriately.
I respect you even when you are down on your knees in front of me, so you need to do the same.