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09/27/2010 11:00 AM
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yes, I did it because I am HIS MOTHER, and it will always stay that way. he can't smoke , and I know you don't want him to, he is not strong enough to handle it like I do. he doesn't need to go to Hawaii- or we can all go together.
yes, we can do your reality show; a show like there never has been. In it there needs to be my son, and David if he wants to be; and anyone else you want to get involved. I have the show in my mind, but I won't give you the details, ad that bitch from a local TV station stole my idea before about the Organizing shows and not even get me involved and sold it to that Production company which produced Mission Organization. I can remember her name but she was a blond bitch and she was a speaker at BCCC at A Day for Women a few days ago- not Lynn Doyle but the one who talked a year after that I believe.
I will tell you the details when I see you.And I will listen to you as I did the whole time, when you put me through hell.
And now everyone else will be in hell, including yourselves- not because I don't love you but because I love myself more than anyone else.
I had your hardcore mushrooms, and still did what I needed to do, and didn't shave my hair as you were trying me to do. I am always complately aware.
I will not smoke ciggies- I don't want to, didn't do until I started with the Dvds a few months ago. I will roll my own, which you love me doing, and everyone else, and the cops did too. And even that I don't have to have. As long as I am doing something that excites me, and I have a purpose, and I am helping people out;I don't need anything else... my son beside me- not because I can't be without, but because you know how powerful that is; us together; and how much anyone would appreciate to watch a mother and son interact and help each other out the way we do- not going against each other like you have been making us do the whole time.