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so I sat at the table with you

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United States
09/27/2010 12:43 PM
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so I sat at the table with you
and played for you.
now you know that I am very good, and know all the tactics, and not get effected by the huge hospital bills you sent my way, and two phones ringing at the same time, and kept my cool, and played my game, and thanked him but he didn't even see beacuse he disappeared.

that's all folks. I hope to see you at 1pm at my place- in twenty minutes that is... as you hinted at the board. I know you played many ticks on me, and said people were coming, and they didn't, and you made fun of me.But at this point, you all know that it is a waste of everyone's time and energy. As you can get much more out me, us, and we can all play nicely.
Let me know if you are really coming, because I would like to put on some make up for you, not much just subtle for now- I know you want me to do put on make up, i know you want to do my hair... but there are restrictions, you know I play with my own rules, and you play with yours... and I still listen to you... and go much further then you expect me to go, pleasantly surprising you, and sometimes shock the hell out of you... but in a good way. And I know that you all love me.Us. you are pretty impressed by me. And I am impressed by you, and I am fucking in awe with my own fucking self.