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Message Subject Any countries NOT seeing chemtrails, Like to find a place away from this insanity
Poster Handle ninja toger
Post Content

been here 10 years and have never seen them once

we do get an occasional missile contrail when the Navy is doing exercises but that's it
 Quoting: Rev. Stargazer
this is my quopte not from any publication.
I lived in state of Hawaii for 34 years, they spray out to sea and they drift inland, or they use chembombs behind the clouds, all of Hawaii has a
lethal cocktail of VOG (heavy metals, Hydrogen sulfide and Sulphur Dioxide average 27oo tons a day according the the Volcano state funded watch)....combine this with Chem trails, Chem bombs, and Fukushima radiation , and Monsanto using Hawaii as a ground zero forGMO propagation, and I would say it is one of the most toxic places to live, which looks on the surface to be pure. Several highly respected doctors on Maui Kauai and Big Idsland confirmed the over proliferation of heavy metals toxicity in the blood of residents. One study was done on Kauai that was scarey. The worst is that it is so beautifully deceiving, like a perfect poisen apple. The State Dept of Hwealth sent over to Maui it's director for the preview of Michael Moore's first film, What in the world are they Spraying" He said the state had asked the Military to do an EIS (environmental Impact Study) to determoing the risks of the huge amoounts of chem trails, and the Military told them essentially to piss off, because they were spraying at such an altitude the State had no jurisdiction.

In answer to the question where aren't they spraying, Ecuador Southern Andes has minor minor evidence visible, near the borders wafting in from Peru, but it is nothing, i repeat nothing compared to the assaults on our skies everywhere else.
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