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Message Subject You have to try this healing technique " Watch this video" it's like going to a hypnotherapist. Quantum K healing!!!!
Poster Handle nimnoms
Post Content
I have watched it and intend to re-watch it each day for a week, just to see if there are any measurable effects, I have just undergone a bone-graft and pinning of my Rt wrist and also have severe tendon damage to both thumbs, my right arm is in cast and - well why not....I'll come back on Saturday and let you know my conclusions [if any] then.
 Quoting: nimnoms 1145231

hey guys
sorry for the delay I had to format my comp and lost all my links, a GLPer remembered me and inquired about my injuries, that on its own for me was astonishing, but whats even more astonishing is that even though both my hands still hurt and require at least 3 more operations [one on each thumb, and the pinned-bonegraft in my wrist has failed, so will be replaced next week with a titanium one] this quantum video actually has an effect on me. I don't ache to the extent that I require the pain killers they gave me [most of the time anyway] and I can safely say I have watched the video everyday bar 2 and some days I have watched it twice, life around me seems much much more pleasant to interact with and I feel only positive in myself,regardless of my injuries, truthfully, it really has had a positive effect on me, my family, friends and one or two inquisitive neighbors,
when something shows a positve effect no matter how small it is worth keeping using and passing around, is it a placebo effect? [I don't think so!]
does it work in a positive way? [OH YES!]
Should each one of you that is reading this and who hasn't tried/watched it go and watch it? [yes again - what have you got to lose? nothing! you will only gain as I did]
I'm meant to take tramadol 4 times a day and when it gets too much I can have 1 morphine apple drink a hour max 3 or back to hospital, in the last couple of week whilst I have been watching this video I have only had about 8 tabs and no morphine, i tell a lie its 10 tramadol as I have just counted them.
I'm back next Friday so I will be back home by Wednesday I have saved the link to this thread again, I will update you again as I am going to keep watching this vid,
when something works like I reckon this does we should pass it around and don't ever let it die away
hope all you glpers are benefiting from this quantum vid, and maybe a pin each week so all new comers have a chance to find out about it.
thanks to the OP for posting as without you I wouldn't have known
and thanks to AC1093891 who stumbled across me in another thread and helped me return to this one.
hope you all have a fantastic day week month year :o]

ignorance is not stupidity
you are now not ignorant any more as you have been informed of the validity of this vid
don't join the stupidity line
you only have to wait 20 mins to feel it working,
check it out.
peace love and yippee kye yay
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