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Message Subject Just look at this...2 women attack another women on bus...one attacker ignores her kids
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And this is surprising from an early 20's girl? They are all idiots these days.

Did you notice that no one else on the bus did anything?

They all just sat there.

The apathy is amazing.

What should they have done?

I probably would have been rolling in the aisle laughing my guts out.

Then I might have made a comment about watching baboons in the zoo or something.

Which probably wouldn't have been very helpful.

Why would you laugh? What is funny about violence?

Maybe not stop the fight, ok because you don't want to get caught up in the violence BUT somebody should have gotten the toddlers out of the middle of it since the mother didn't even care.
 Quoting: Smilin' Irish Eyes

Personal note here

I used to drive a bus in New York City. On Saturdays, I'd do charters. I won't mention the name of the bus company, but they had over 1,000 buses. If you ever watch news video of happenings in NYC, I guarantee you'll see one go by.


Management policy, for some odd reason, was to assign black drivers to haul white people around, and for white drivers to serve the "black community".

I won't get any further into that.

My very first charter involved driving my bus to a place called Starrett City in Brooklyn, and then driving the "clients" to the Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining NY to visit their relatives.

I never thought of myself as a racist before that day, being brought up to think everyone is equal and all that good stuff.

But my experiences on that day pretty much changed my views on race relations. And this is something that you'd probably have to experience first hand to understand.

Having to stop a bus on the New York Thruway, walk to the back of that bus, and get in between two crazy female crack heads trying to slash each other's guts out sort of gives you a different perspective on human interactions.

I kept doing those charters, too. I was always professional polite. But I went to work without any further illusions about how the world really works.
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