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Message Subject Just look at this...2 women attack another women on bus...one attacker ignores her kids
Poster Handle Smilin' Irish Eyes
Post Content
Very true, perhaps that is what is needed to change the apathy. That the "good samaritans" trying to stop the violence not get charged.

Something needs to change to curb the violence. Thanks.

Well there is the punishment of the "Good Samaritan" but I would argue this point...have you ever tried to separate two cats when they are in the middle of a fight? Last guy I know who tried to do that wound up at the hospital with 24 stitches in his right hand.
 Quoting: ^Watcher^

I know what you are saying and do agree that you can get hurt while trying to help. I don't know what should be done to get it through to people that physical violence is uncalled for.

1dunno1 I just don't understand physical violence, the same way I don't understand why people do graffiti or rob someone. My parents taught us to "leave it better than you found it", "pick up after yourself", "do onto others as you would want others to do onto you", and the whole other schmere of respecting others.
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