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Message Subject Just look at this...2 women attack another women on bus...one attacker ignores her kids
Poster Handle Smilin' Irish Eyes
Post Content
...But my experiences on that day pretty much changed my views on race relations. And this is something that you'd probably have to experience first hand to understand.

Having to stop a bus on the New York Thruway, walk to the back of that bus, and get in between two crazy female crack heads trying to slash each other's guts out sort of gives you a different perspective on human interactions.

I kept doing those charters, too. I was always professional polite. But I went to work without any further illusions about how the world really works.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1229636

It is so sad that so many have a couple of negative (bad) interactions and then paint everyone with the same brush. I know that it is hard not to. Yes, I have had my share of negative interactions as well and it is hard when you see someone that reminds you of that negativity not to place the blame on them, but shouldn't we all look to each person's actions by themselves and not paint them with a broad brush of our past experiences with others?

Perhaps I am being too Pollyanna. There is just so much violence and hatred, you can feel it pushing against you. Sorry, just rambling...saw this article and thought why do people do this? Why do people just accept that we can't do anything to stop the hatred and show our children that the world doesn't need to be like this? We don't need more laws, we need people to actually care about stopping the violence.
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