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Fried bologna, mac'n' cheese,baked beans and let's move on!!!


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02/07/2011 10:11 PM
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Re: Fried bologna, mac'n' cheese,baked beans and let's move on!!!
Oh. LOL. Now THAT makes sense. I was trying to figure the proportions to not have too much left over. I figured 1 potato, 1 egg, a half slice bologna, rice, gravy over it, with a bicuit would make at least 2 or 3 meals.

It's hard to cook for 1, isn't it? I have that problem too. Even a small batch of biscuits made 6. I had one for supper, saved one for breakfast, and froze 4.

That's a great idea making enough to take to work and have some when you get home too. Too many single people don't eat right, and end up paying for it.

I bet your recipe would be good too, if you cooked an egg over easy so the yolk spread over it, would also be good.
Thanks for the great idea! Every time I read your threads there's so many new ideas! hf
 Quoting: Nine's

Hey Nines... Been there done that. I was a single dad (20+ years ago). I and my oldest daughter would make and freeze meals on a Saturday nite that would feed everybody (school lunches, supper, ect.) all week. Sundays were for the special BIG meals, everything hot off the stove. I ain't much but I CAN cook!
 Quoting: Pea Vine

Don't you ever say you aren't much! A single Dad who can cook deprives you of the right to say you ain't much. Don't ever forget that!!!

It sounds like such a loving family too. What a nice time to share with a daughter, cooking, putting away food for the week, planning meals, then a Sunday meal. So many kids today will never know that pleasure.
 Quoting: Nine's

Yes, but day's gone by. Not that way anymore. Lifes too busy nowadays for those ways. I WAS lucky tho. Now, it's like a Harry Chapin song. Not complaining at all. Times DO change.
 Quoting: Pea Vine

I know what you mean. Cat's In the Cradle. I sure do hear that. hf