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The dragon and the slayer

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03/10/2011 11:57 AM
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The dragon and the slayer
it all happened in the midevil time when dragon slayer named youkai got lost in the woods while tracking down one of the biggest dragons he had ever seen. " come out where ever you are you over grown iguana." A roar came back in reply along with a scaly voice" you dragon slayers are always bugging me! i killed all the other dragon slayers that try to kill me. and now YOU think you can kill ME!" "no i dont think i can kill you, i KNOW i can!" "then let us get started." after that was siad a giant fire ball came flying up from behind, youkai turned around just in time to block it with his shield. he went flying in toa tree!"hahaha! is THAT the BEST fire ball you can come up with dragon!!!" "of course not you little human, im just getting warmed up." youkai drew his golden sword and charged in to the diretion that the fire came from. he saw the dragon and watched his movments carelfully so he would not get hit by the claws,teeth,tail, and fire. the dragon lifted his tail and swung it at youkai. he barly doged just to get hit buy his claws. youkai howled in pian as the huge gash mark gushed blood. the dragon walked torwed the ingered human and laughed." i have to admit, i havent had somone who could actully doge my ta-" he was cut off when he felt pian in his chest. youkai rolled over and threw off a bag that had been tied around his waist. the dragon saw tomatos in the bag that had been slashed.he felt another pian in his chest as the sword that had been embbeded in his chest pulled out. dragon staggered back but then regianed stabelization. youkai just sneered." pathetic dragon, cant even with stand a stab mark in your chest." a secon after he said that a giant jet of flame came at the slayer." human how dare you insult me!!" then youkai found himself flying throw the air andthen being cought in a big scaly claw.the dragon sqweezed him in his claw!" you, slayer, want nothing more than money?" " whats it to you ya giant salamander?" to youkais surprize the dragons grip loosened. " lets join foreces so you can get all of the money in the world and i can keep my life." " what do you mean?" so the dragon told him and youkai agreed and gave the dragon a name. " hey salamander i see anthor village up ahead." " ok, lets blow it up!!" "no then all of the goods will be blown up. lets take the goods THEN blow it up." " i like your thinking. lets go."

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