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Subject <=Natural Disaster/Weather Thread=>
Poster Handle Dark Match Jones
Post Content
Now, I know there are threads that run deep and wide on this page talking about disasters and weather...but, this is my (probably futile) attempt to clump all that into one thread. Weather, and Geological happenings, are something I really get into, and I'm sure there are plenty of you on here the same way as me. So, if you support this being like the "main base" for that kind of stuff...it'd be awesome. I happen to live in an area that usually gets a decent amount of Tornados, and also in really close proximity to the New Madrid fault, and potentially associated Wabash Valley seismic zone. I apologize if this has been attempted before (I'm sure it has), but...if it takes off at all, I'll be happy.

Thanks for your time, and consideration.

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