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Subject Found a multimillion year old ship.
Poster Handle ookie
Post Content
Being bored today, I went for a motorcycle ride to a local geology spot. This place is called "Sugarloaf Mountain" and it's in SC. I get there and begin investigating this place.

It's a mountain of sand in the Carolina Sand Hills. On top is a layer of sandstone rock. The rock is cemented together with iron. It is very obvious that is what has cemented the sand together.

But what explains a 1,000 ft long, 20ft thick and 200ft wide rock made of rust and sand?

I took my time and carefully examined all the rocks that were around. I found some interesting folds and inclusions and impressions on the rock.

From what I can tell, this rock was a giant boat at one time.

I mean, what if a modern supertanker or cargo ship sank in 200ft of water and sat there for 20 million years? Would there be anything even remotely resembling a boat left? I think not. There would be nothing but a layer of rust on the sea floor sticking the sand together.

In the sand under the rocks there are some sands with odd colors and textures. Surely this is remains of any non iron components of the ship. There are even what appear to be casts of timbers and in one spot I saw what looked like the impression of a key in one of the rocks.

So. To wrap it up, 20 million years ago there was ocean where SC stands today. Something built ships of steel back then and one sank. It sat on the sea bed until there was nothing left but rust. The ocean left and the sands washed away. That left a rain shelter that kept the sand under the rock from washing away and thus leaving a 150ft tall "Mountain" where none are anywhere else.

I wonder what kind of creature will be writing about our ships that have sank in another 20 million years.
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