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Message Subject Found a multimillion year old ship.
Poster Handle ookie
Post Content
Nice story op, but you could have took some photos.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1364527

I did, but unfortunately a few pictures of rocks won't prove my point.

It's the ONLY outcropping of that rock anywhere around. It's on the highest sedimentary layer, so it's not buried at other places. It's not a anticline so it wasn't pushed up.

Out of thousands of square miles of sea bed, this is the only iron cemented sand stone outcrop. It just happens to be long and kinda straight and narrow. Like a ship would be. Or rusted parts of a ship that have fallen and broken and eroded.

Can you think of a better explanation? It's there, it got there somehow.

The only other way to explain it that this was the very last place that the ocean was before it retreated to where it now. And a small narrow pond was left that filled with bacterial slime for thousands of years so the waste products of that bacteria would cement the sand in that exact spot. Then all the sand and other material eroded away leaving this one outcrop.

Or, an iron meteor landed in this very spot and corroded until there was nothing left. If that was case, where is the evidence of an impact? Anything that size falling out of the sky would leave a crater. A huge one. Several miles across. And the evidence for that crater would still be visible in the surrounding rocks and landscape.

So that leaves us with the sunken ship theory.

Name a better one.
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