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Message Subject POPULATION CONTROL "Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research" Bilderberg 2011
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How are we going to reverse the problem .... 7 billion humans will become 10 billion sooon .....

How can we get then to develop their enteric brain so they see we are all interconnect ---- weaved together ---We are ALL collectively HumanOnr the OverSoul

And we need our Planet Alive ----

We need them ALL to bloom to their full human Potential

We need a bigger much bigger percentage of Prim Circuitry Humans in comparison to Larval ( in-activated humans)...

The Governments and certain individuals manipulated this .... And we will all pay a big big price with our Planet slowly dying ....If we don't revert this soon.

They knew that a Prim Circuitry human would never accept a low consciousness state ! That they could not control a Prim Circuitry Human ----- A Prim Circuitry human L O V E S everything and everyone .... The plants the animals the insects and they would never feed of their Human Society. !
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