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Message Subject Joe Brants CA doom dream in '37 mentioned the sulpher smell people are now talking about ...
Poster Handle Resister
Post Content
one more thing that just came to me did anyone notice that Joe said the president had big ears?...
 Quoting: Apocalypse Girl

Yep. I caught that. But being from 1937 I would have thought seeing a US President that was half black would garner more notice than big ears. He did say his vision was blurry in the dreams though.
 Quoting: Resister

He saw the POTUS in a newspaper. Even in the 50's you couldn't always tell a person's skin color from a newspaper picture. And NO ONE in 1937 would have expected the POTUS to be black. Obama is lighter than many blacks and not noticeably African-looking, too.
 Quoting: weegie

This is true . heard it said that he is only 1/4 black anyways ... he did say he was bigger then Roosevelt though could of he meant taller ?
 Quoting: Apocalypse Girl

Good points both. I forgot about the newspaper bit and yes, Obama is actually less that 1/4 black. His father was more Arab than black. He is only characterized as "black" because of politically correct nonsense.

He does however have big ears and he is tall.
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