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Subject What is more of a SHOCK: The possibility of Life as we Know it Shifting before 2013, Or....Life as We Know It
Poster Handle supermarket
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So many people seem to be denying the changes taking place before us, on a day to day to basis, and for them, I ask:

Is not the current state of Humanity itself, seemingly out of touch which all of nature and existence, even itself?

Modern scientists say we've been here for at least 50,000 years in our current DNA configuration (homo sapien sapien)

Look at man's impact on Earth. For the first 40,000 years or so, theres no trace of us to be found.

Look at what damage we've done to our planet, since the Industrial revolution.

Keep in mind, what has been done in the name of a PEACE religion (Christianity). Nearly every people and culture they've encountered, has faced genocide , or assimilation, and the reason? To civilize them. The Native Americans said they didn't WANT to live like the white folks who came to their land. They didn't NEED the technology the white folks brought. They just wanted to live like their fathers, and their father's fathers.

I'm not judging a race, a people, technology, or any one.

I'm just saying, forget about the whole 2012 stuff. Doesn't it seem a tad ....odd, the way things have already unfolded in our world?

If a complete, irrerversible shift happened, in the next few months, that put humanity back in synch with mankind......would anyone really be that shocked? That would seem to be the most 'natural' thing to happen to humanity in our lifetime.
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