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Message Subject What is more of a SHOCK: The possibility of Life as we Know it Shifting before 2013, Or....Life as We Know It
Poster Handle Earnest Dave
Post Content
I, for one, feel there is a shift currently underway.

Call it a shift of interests, a shift of attitude, a shift of consciousness... whatever you want. I have noticed with the advent of global networking via the internet, for the first time in (known) history, we all have access to information that would, at any other time in history, be unavailable.

Most people are so caught up in their arrogant, egotistical views, so convinced that what the believe MUST be right, that they don't take the time to use the tools we have available to discover their own Truth. However, I feel that this is finally beginning to change. People are opening themselves to new possibilities, finally admitting our own insignificance and lack of understanding.

I feel, and I hope, that it is true!
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