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Message Subject The Last Dance by Amitakh Stanford.
Poster Handle Richard S.
Post Content
"The Waiting Is Nearly Over"

At last the waiting is nearly over,
Arise, my friends, be sure you are sober.
Let your love and joy and fortitude
flow from the Divine,
Know yourself and you will know
the plan and how to act at all times

so things will be fine.
Silently, I hear the Mother's whispers to me:

"If you can feel my pain
you are connected to me.
If you feel my joy, dear,
You are one with me without fear.
If you feel my thirst,
You are there for me first.
If you feel at one with me and
also feel that you are mine,
Then, truly you recognize
that you are Divine."

[link to www.xeeatwelve.com]

Actually it was never a cult.
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