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Message Subject The Last Dance by Amitakh Stanford.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Italy,

Many thanks for your reply.

Yes, unless the administrator is an Attas or an Amoeba, there would be no way of realising by the mere introduction of myself whether I am ontologically of the true or false essence.

Again I have to emphasize, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure, unless the administrator has Amitakh’s consent and support to use the name of Xeeatwelve, I would consider the forum a conspiracy of deception and in serious breach of copyright.

I have nothing to hide, but how can I take this “Xeeatwelve” forum seriously if it has not been endorsed by Amitakh?

How could anyone?

Is the energy in the name being fraudulently utilised to trap the new, the old and the unwary?

Remember, this is the very issue that Amitakh has cautioned us against.

How would you respond if I set up a forum/website and called it “FlyingBuffaloes7.webs.com”??

Wouldn’t the first thing you would want to know is on whose authority am I using the name of FB7?

You would want to know if Amitakh gave me the authority to use it on her behalf.

You would definitely want to know who I really am and whether I was a fraud taking advantage of the energy in the name.


Sorry, but I just needed to be absolutely sure.

Thanks again!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1415358

It's just a discussion forum where we can post about Amitakh's writing without dealing with the trolling/ignorance of most general-topic forums. It is expected that members have a solid understanding of Amitakh's material, have read most if not all of it, and truly embrace the message (as opposed to just dabbling with it). I have found nothing insidious or dark about the forum, in fact I've appreciated having a place to have in-depth discussions of the material without being interrupted by flames or off-topic posts.

Of course it is not endorsed by Amitakh, she does not respond to any emails and there are no working contact numbers for her on the web. Many people have tried contacting her over the past few years and I have never heard of anyone reaching her. Emails have been sent to all of the known addresses connected with Amitakh and her websites, to notify her that the forum was in existence and to ask for her approval, but a response was never received.

If you're really worried that the forum admin is a dark essence or a tentacle, then don't sign up. There's really no way to know. But you sound awfully paranoid. The forum is called "Xeeatwelve" because that is the topic of discussion. It is hardly a "serious breach of copyright"... And until the address was posted on GLP, it was a totally private forum.
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