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Message Subject The Last Dance by Amitakh Stanford.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't get me wrong.

I have no objections regarding the forum itself. I think a healthy debate on the clearing process that's going on in the various levels of the universe would be more than welcome.

My red flag went up and alert bells are ringing due to the usurpation of the name Xeeatwelve.

It is very misleading.

It lends a deceptive weight to the administrator who goes by the false pretense of John Kennedy but admits to having no affiliation to Amitakh whatsoever. Yet he uses her material and twists and transforms it into an unrecognisable energy useful to no-one.

It makes those who sign up let their guard down when they should be arming themselves with discernment, reason, common sense and alertness.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1415358

Your hang-up over the name of the forum really doesn't make any sense to me... I don't think it is deceiving anyone or giving the admin a "deceptive weight"..

on the front page of the website it says:


xeeatwelve.webs.com is maintained by independent grassroots supporters of Amitakh Stanford. Neither this website nor the articles, posts, links, audio, videos, games or photos appearing on it are approved, endorsed or reviewed by Amitakh Stanford. For Amitakh Stanford's official websites go to:






That is pretty clear, and makes no pretense that it is somehow endorsed by Amitakh. What else do you want it to say?

As I said, it is just a private forum for discussing the articles. If the energy of the forum rubs you the wrong way, maybe it is not the right environment for you. But yes, your attitude about the forum name seems paranoid. What would you prefer the forum to be called? "Amitakh Fan Club"? Does it really make such a difference?

No one is "[using] her material and [twisting] and [transforming] it into an unrecognisable energy useful to no-one", we are just discussing the articles...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10373509

What's in a name, you say?

Well knowing what we know in regards to Amitakh,


Btw, the disclaimer does not appear during sign up/registration. Perhaps you might want to look into that.

As to corruption of energy in her messages,
the JFK videos like the one posted above are disturbing to say the least.

Just saying, a great disservice has been done to her.

But of course, that's just my opinion.

It doesn't really count, does it?
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