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Message Subject The Last Dance by Amitakh Stanford.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ha ha ha nobody want to be attentive to you anymore EVIL!!! Why you are so jealous, your high Evil words in this Evil world/usurpation/ just to make mess in the human minds are not working anymore! So put them to the storage, they already gone you evil one!
 Quoting: aaaaaa

Now everyone is evil (apart from the handful of cultists of course) and that's your "justification", why you don't have to move a single finger and the circle is closed.
 Quoting: Richard S. 14166394

Funny using the word "cultists" to demonize somebody, as Amitakh said Dark Agents due this often. You have exposed yourself for what you are. Especially with those negative posts.

You don't follow Amitakh's work, you're a failure of a troll.
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