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Subject Underground Nuclear Missile Silo Converted into Home
Poster Handle Cat Mouth
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As if pulled from a post-apocalyptic movie, this underground nuclear missile silo was once a cavernous, empty concrete relic from decades past. But one man saw the potential in it, and decided to build the ultimate dream home for himself.

The decommissioned nuclear base offers up 20,000 square feet for furnishings, although Ed Peden and his family use only 1/3 of that space. Mr. Peden was able to purchase the former military base for a paltry $48,000 – about $0.50 per square foot! – and commenced to remodeling the place. Located just 25 miles outside of Topeka, Kansas, he and his wife Dianna were the first people to turn one of these Cold War doomsday bunkers into a livable home, and they now run a business helping others to do the same. It cost Uncle Sam $4 million to build this place; Ed paid 1/100th of that. But it did need a bit of work.

“The gunk I hauled out of here in wheelbarrows was incredible,” Ed tells us. “Hundreds of wheelbarrows of crap. The sheet rock had melted onto the floor.” It had dissolved because the entire complex was flooded with up to nine feet of water. Ed first toured his future home in a canoe.

The Pedens now call their place “Subterra Castle,” and it looks nothing like the abandoned hellhole Ed bought in 1982.

[link to www.truthistreason.net]

Video Link [link to www.youtube.com]

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