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Message Subject ZOMBIE CLUES IN ORLANDO FLORIDA!!! Stolen medical equipment may carry deadly brain disease
Poster Handle BooBooKitty
Post Content
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease will not turn you into a cannibal. Look it up.
 Quoting: CatBTX

Hmmm, also says CJD is thought to be caused by a protein called a prion. A prion causes normal proteins to fold abnormally. This affects the other proteins' ability to function. Yeah I'm not counting it out just yet.
 Quoting: BooBooKitty

My husband's mother died from this disease a few years ago. Contaminated make-up containing animal byproducts. She became disabled very quickly. Not a violent bone in her body. Brain turns to mush. No motor skills. Death.

If these machines were contaminated due to CJD, this is not the culprit.
 Quoting: CatBTX

There are several types of CJD. CJD can be grouped into two types: classic or new variant disease.

The classic types of CJD are:

Sporadic CJD makes up most cases. It occurs for no known reason. The average age at which it starts is 65.

Familial CJD occurs when a person inherits the abnormal prion from a parent (inherited CJD is rare)

Variant CJD accounts for less than 1% of cases, and it tends to affect younger people. However, fewer than 200 people worldwide have had this disease.

Variant CJD can be caused by exposure to contaminated products. Other vCJD cases have occurred when people were given corneal transplants, other tissues, or blood transfusions from infected donors. It may also have been caused by contaminated electrodes used in brain surgery (before instruments started to be properly disinfected).
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