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The star of last nights opening was a 23 ton Bell

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07/28/2012 07:13 AM
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The star of last nights opening was a 23 ton Bell
The very word bell derives from the God BAAL, the God from antiquity who demanded human sacrifices. In the church of Satan every ceremony is started with a bell being rang to usher in the demonic entity, when the ceremony is over the bell is rang again. The opening ceremony started and ended with this bell being rang. At one stage they had a woman singing "Abide with me", it was dedicated to "Those who cannot be with us", and the victims of 7/7, in other words the section was devoted to the dead. A young boy and a male dancer against a red/orange background danced out a death ritual, it ended with the boy symbolically being taken to spirit, in other words dying, and then being offered up by the other dancers who were "death Angels".