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Message Subject Ohio Food Stamp People better buy seeds. You're getting cut
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why would they cut off all assistance to the elderly?
Why not start with the young and lazy who are perfectly capable of working a job or planting a garden?

My heart goes out to the little old man and that sweet old lady who may go hungry. verysad
 Quoting: Nika

they dont want the elderly because they are a burdon on them
my own mother and her roomy mate have serious ills and in
the last three months alone racked up 20,000 dollars in
ambulance rides to the hospital
the truth is not a soul on ss has put in as much as they already received back
the govt wants this to end and death is the only way
"there is a generation that neither toils yet eats"
the social security age is these folks
45% of america is on a free ride and they love it.
23% are unemployed or gave up.
30% are paying for the whole system and 2% are rich and laugh all the way to the bank.
"one third of the fish die in the sea"
means the ones paying are going under from the debt piled upon their heads.
 Quoting: drhoecker 27599016

Where is all the money that congress took from our SS over the years? Don't cry about me getting SS now.
$20,000 in Ambulance rides? Somebody is gauging the fuck out of people with their prices. How about $100 for a hospital ride? That ought to be more than enough.
The prices that doctors and hospital prices are outrageous. We need to hang a few to get prices more in line with reality.

You lazy fucks need to get back to work and stop crying about old folks taking your damn money.
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