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Message Subject Meditation and Benzo withdrawl symptoms- Opens your spirit
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seroquel is not for anybody, that shit is CRAZY bad for you. There is a doctor around my way who seems to give it to everyone, as a side med to the reason they really go there.

I took it for a few months, and here are some experiences I had with it: Nothing like waking up 2 hours after you fall asleep ready to piss yourself but this drug does that....a lot. Only thing is when you stand up, you often get disoriented while taking this drug so I would often walk into the walls trying to find the damn bathroom and I was in my early 20s on this crap so its not old age.

Then, I had to stay at my fathers for a few days while I had some house work done. My dad would tell me every night that he knew I was wasted, trashed, completely destroyed....and all I took was my meds. Nothing else. I wasn't on drugs, just this terrible psych med. He wouldn't hear any of that because he thought he knew me better than I know myself.
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